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1 Mausoleum of 1st Imam Ali b. Abi Taalib, peace be upon him
There are 3 graves in one darih:
Grave of Imam Ali [a]
Grave of Prophet Adam [a] – 1st prophet and man on earth
Grave of Prophet Nuh [a]
2 Wadi-us Salaam
Tomb of Prophet Hud [a]
Tomb of Prophet Saleh [a]
Maqam of Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq [a]
Maqam of Saheb al-Asr, Imam Al-Mahdi [a]
Mosalla of Imam Ali Zayn al-Abidin [a]
3 Tomb of Hadrat Kumayl – companion of Imam Ali [a]
4 Tomb of Rashid Hijri – companion of Imam Ali [a]
5 Masjid Hannana
This mosque is between Kufa and Najaf. The significance of this mosque is that when Imam Hasan [a] and Imam Husayn [a] were carrying the janaza of Imam Ali [a] from Kufa to Najaf, they passed near this mosque, and as they were passing, the pillars of the mosque inclined towards Imam Ali [a] as if paying its last respects. It is also believed that some of the skin from Imam Husayn [a]’s head (that came off when Khul Mal’un was disrespecting the head of Imam Husayn [a] with a knife) is buried here.

6 Grave of Sayyid al-Khui
Grand-mujtahid (marja’) to 450 million Muslims since 1970 (d. 8th August 1992)

Pilgrimage sites
1 Masjid Kufa
Mehrab-e-Ibadat. The place where Imam Ali [a] was martyred
Court room of Imam Ali [a]
Mausoleum of Muslim ibn Aqil [a], cousin and ambassador of Imam Husayn [a] to Kufa
Mausoleum of Mukhtar, the avenger of Imam Husayn [a]’s massacre
Mausoleum of Hani ibn Urwa, companion of Imam Husayn [a] who was killed by Ubaydullah Ibn Ziyad for sheltering and supporting Muslim ibn Aqil
Mosalla of several prophets
Tanoor. The place from where the deluge (toofan) of Prophet Nuh [a] began
2 House of Imam Ali, peace be upon him
3 Mausoleum of Sayyida Khadijatul Sughra daughter of Imam Ali [a] – outside Masjid Kufa
4 Mausoleum of Prophet Yunus [a] – near the river
5 Masjid Sahla. Recommended to be in this mosque at the maghrib time of a Wednesday i.e. at the end of a Tuesday
Mosalla of 6th Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq [a]
Mosalla of Prophet Ibrahim [a]
Mosalla of Prophet Idris [a]
Mosalla of Prophet Khidr [a]. Also called Maqam al-Saleheen
Maqam of Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq [a]
6 Kooba of Ebrahim ibn Hasan al-Muthanna ibn Imam Hasan [a]
7 Mausoleum of Maytham al-Tammar, companion of Imam Ali [a]
8 Mosque of Zaid – near Masjid Sahla
9 Mosque of Sa’asa ibn Sauhan, companion of Imam Ali [a]

Pilgrimage sites
1 Mausoleum of 3rd Imam al-Husayn, peace be upon him
There are 3 graves in one darih:
Grave of Imam Husayn [a]
Grave of Ali Akbar, son of Imam Husayn [a]
Grave of Ali Asgher, son of Imam Husayn [a]
2 Mausoleum of Hadrat Abbas b. Ali [a]: Brother and Standard-bearer of Imam Husayn [a]
3 Grave of Habib ibn Madhaher [a]
4 Ganj-e-Shohada – graves of the rest of the martyrs of Karbala
5 Qatl-ghah
6 Grave of Ibrahim son of 7th Imam Musa al-Kadhim, peace be upon him
7 Til-e-Zaynabiya
8 Khaimaghah
9 Garden of 6th Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq, peace be upon him
10 Garden of 12th Imam Sahib al-Asr, Al-Mahdi, peace be upon him
11 Mausoleum of Hur (companion of Imam Husayn [a] in Karbala) – 3 miles from Karbala
12 Mausoleum of Aun, son of Sayyida Zaynab [a]
6 miles from Karbala. One can visit this place as well as the mausoleum of Tiflane Muslim while going back to Kadhmayn

This place is on the way to Kadhmayn while going from Karbala.

Pilgrimage site
Mausoleum of the two sons of Muslim ibn Aqil [a]:-

Muhammad ibn Muslim ibn Aqil [a], and
Ibrahim ibn Muslim ibn Aqil [a]
They are also know as Tiflan-e-Muslim.

Pilgrimage sites
1 Mausoleum of 7th and 9th Imams, Imam Musa al-Kadhim and Imam Muhammad al-Jawad, peace be upon them
2 Grave of Shaykh al-Mufid
3 Grave of Sayyid Ismail Safrudin
4 Grave of Khwaja Nasirudin Tusi
5 Grave of Sayyid Murtada
6 Grave of Sayyid Razi

Baghdad and Madain are very close to Kadhmayn.

Pilgrimage sites
The four representatives of the 12th Imam [a] during the minor occultation (ghaybat al-sughra) are buried here i.e.

Uthman b. Sayeed
Muhammad b. Uthman
Ali b. Muhammad Foor, and
Husayn b. Rooh
The graves of Uthman & Husayn are easy to find whereas the other two are inside the bazaar. One will need some guidance from the local people to locate this place if one is going by bus.

2 Tomb of Qambar the slave of Imam Ali [a]
3 Tomb of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Yaqub al-Kulayni, the compiler of Al-Kafi
4 Masjid Boorasa. This mosque is on the way to Baghdad from Kadhmayn

Madain/Salman Pak
Pilgrimage sites
1 Tomb of Salman Farsi, companion of the Holy Prophet [s]
2 Tomb of Hudhaifa al-Yamani, companion of the Holy Prophet [s]
3 Tomb of Jabir b. Abdullah al-Ansari, companion of the Holy Prophet [s]
4 Masjid Jum’a – near the tomb of Salman Farsi
Note: On 26th March 1934, King Faisal I of Iraq supervised the transfer of the remains of Hudhaifa al-Yamani and Jabir b. Abdullah al-Ansari, the two trusted companions of the Holy Prophet [s] from their resting places in Madain which were endangered with water from River Tigris to a new site at Salman Pak near the resting place of Salman Farsi.

Historic site
Tak-e-Kisra, the palace of Nausherwan – part of ancient Babylonian civilization. When the Holy Prophet [s] was born in Makkah, this huge edifice is said to have developed cracks on its walls.

Samarra is closer (and therefore easier to go to) from Kadhmayn than it is from Karbala. Try and spend atleast one night in Samarra so as to perform ziyarat and a’amals properly. Most people make a quick trip to Samarra lasting only a few hours which is most unfortunate.

Pilgrimage sites
1 Mausoleum of 10th and 11th Imams, Imam Ali al-Naqi and Imam Hasan al-Askari, peace be upon them
The main darih has four graves:
Grave of 10th Imam Ali al-Naqi, peace be upon him
Grave of 11th Imam Hasan al-Askari, peace be upon him
Grave of Sayyida Halima Khatoon [a] daughter of Imam Ali al-Naqi [a] and sister of Imam Hasan al-Askari [a]. Her narration of the birth of the 12th Imam [a] is reported extensively as she was a mid-wife to Sayyida Nargis Khatoon the mother of the 12 Imam [a]
Grave of Sayyida Nargis Khatoon [a], mother of the 12th Imam Al-Mahdi, peace be upon him
2 Cellar (sardab) of 12th Imam Al-Mahdi, peace be upon him – where he was last seen. Also called Maqam Ghaybat (i.e. the place of occultation)
3 Masjid Jamia
Historic sites
Mosque built during the time of Mutawakkil – at one time the largest mosque in the world.

This place lies between Kadhmayn and Samarra. One can visit it on the way to Samarra or while returning to Kadhmayn.

Pilgrimage site
Mausoleum of Muhammad ibn Imam Ali al-Naqi, peace be upon him.

Pilgrimage sites
1 Tomb of Hamza [a]
2 Tomb of Qasim b. Imam Musa al-Kadhim [a]
3 Tomb of Prophet Ayyub [a]
4 Tomb of Prophet Daniel [a]
5 Tomb of Prophet Dhul Kifl [a]. Known as “Chifl”
6 Maqam Sahib al-Zamaan [a]

Pilgrimage sites
Masjid Ali, peace be upon him

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