Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) is relatively close to Qom (2-3 hours by road). Usually we drive straight to Qom from the airport. Use a prepaid/billeted taxi. Should be around £20 (US$30) for a one way fare – but it is a standard price and you should not get ripped off. A cousin of mine from India paid much less than this – I get the impression that there are different prices for developed and less developed countries. There are more Qom images here.

Shrine of Masoumeh Qom

The principal shrine, holding the tomb of Fātimah (a.s.), is a gold-domed structure. Fātimah (a.s.) died in the ninth century; the shrine’s first dome was constructed in the twelfth century. Already in the medieval period, the shrine served as a bast (a place of refuge) where people could stay until a legal issue got resolved. But it wasn’t until the sixteenth century that her shrine became famous.

A short description of her shrine is here. A far more detailed description is here.

Pilgrims enter through a large doorway (built in 1883) to a large courtyard. Text of her ziarat is here.

Masjid Jamkaran

Qom is also close to the Masjid Jamkaran, people tend to go on Tuesday night. Getting there is easy, behind the International Hotel, at the start of the concourse to the Qom shrine is a taxi stand and you will find taxi drivers calling out ‘Jamkaran’. If you are alone or a couple you can share. You will also get the benefit of paying local Iranian taxi rates!

The return is trickier, but listen out for the taxi drivers calling out ‘Harram’. These drivers will drop people off by the shrine in Qom and walking back to the hotel is easy. I understand that there are also buses coming back to Qom, with Harram written on the outside.

The site is fairly open and there is a fair distance from where vehicles will drop you off to the masjid itself. In spring, when I have been, it can rain, so dress appropriately.

The background to the establishment of the shrine is here.

These are the prayers for people who visit the Jamkaran mosque, just outside Qom. The following link has the relevant information.


List of Ziarats in Qom

1. The holy tombs of Zaynab, Maymoona and Umm Muhammad, the daughters of Imam Muhammad at-Taqiy (al-Jawad). They have been buried beside the holy tomb of Lady Fatima al-Ma’ssooma (s).

2. The tomb of Musa al-Mubarqa’, the son of Imam Muhammad at-Taqiy (a.a.), in Chihil Akhtaran (forty stars).

3. The tomb of Shahzada Ahmad, the son of Musa al-Mubarqa’ (beside his father’s tomb).

4. The graveyard of Chihil Akhtaran (beside the shrine of Musa al-Mubarqa’).

5. Imamzada Sultan Muhammad Shareef (in Chahar Mardan Street).

6. Imamzada Hamza bin Musa (opposite to Kuhna Square in Azar Street).

7. Imamzada Ahmad bin Musa (beside Shahzada Ahmad).

8. Shahzada Ibraheem and Shahzada Muhammad, grandsons of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (s) (in Shahzada Ibraheem Street).

9. Imamzada Ahmad bin Qassim (at the end of Mu’allim Street).

10. Shahzada Sayyid Ali (at the end of Bajak Street, near Jihad Square).

11. Imamzada Sayyid Sarbakhsh (in Azar Street after Kuhna Square-opposite to Chihil Akhtaran).

12. Shahzada Nasir, one of Imam Hasan’s grandsons (opposite to Imam Hasan Askari Mosque).

13. Chahar (four) Imamzada, Imam Zaynulaabideen’s grandsons (at the end of Bajak Street).

14. Imamzada Khak Faraj (at the end of Imam Musa as-Sadr Street-Khak Faraj Quarter).

15. Imamzada Shah Jamal (Arak Highway, near Salarya).

16. Imamzada Abu Ahmad, one of Muhammad bin al-Hanafiyya’s grandsons (between Shah Sayyid Ali and Chahar Imamzada-15 Khurdad Street).

17. Imamzada Ali bin Ja’far (at the end of Chahar Mardan Street-near Golzar Shuhada’).

18. Shahzada Hadi and Shahzada Mahdi (in Jamkaran).

19. Imamzada Tayyib and Imamzada Tahir (on the side of Qom-Saraja Highway).

20. Shahzada Ja’far Ghareeb (Jamkaran crossroad- near Baqee’ Graveyard).

21. Imamzada Zayd (opposite to the tomb of Musa al-Mubarqa’).

22. The tombs of Bagh Gombad Sabz-the garden of the green dome (tombs of the walis of Qom from the dynasty of Ali as-Safiy- opposite to the shrine of Ali bin Ja’far).